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Training your Brain – It’s all about Information

The human brain is the most sophisticated, powerful and interconnected information processing system we know of in our universe. The performance of any such system, living or man made, has…

Herolab: A Practical Approach to Improving Mental Focus | Herolab

Herolab: A Practical Approach to Improving Mental Focus

In a nutshell…performance is all about focus. No serious performer would debate the importance of their ability to Focus. In fact, the ability to Focus on the right things, in…

Building your Cognitive Log

First, download your FREE Cognitive Log template here. Cognitive Logging is a simple method of tracking important aspects of your mental performance for the sake of improving your ability to…

The Negative Approach | Herolab

The Negative Approach

In many situations it makes more sense to identify the things that are not working and move away from them, rather than focusing on what you think will work and…

Building Better Mental Maps | Herolab

Building Better Mental Maps

There is a simple reason why the ability to focus, on the right things, in the right ways, at the right time, is critical to performance! Your mental focus, before,…

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