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Control your Focus / Focal Modes

Once you have determined what the relevant focal targets are for any task, you must figure out which focal mode best suits those targets. There are four distinct modes of…

The Fundamentals of the Mental Game

In order to methodically build mental strength and improve real-world performance it is important to break the process down into it’s elements. In face, the mental skill training process will…

What’s on Your Mind?

Are you in control of what’s on your mind at any given time? Most of us think we should answer yes to this question but secretly worry that it’s our…


Craig Finer

Get your Head in the Game! | Herolab

Get your Head in the Game!

Stressed out and distracted?  You may be onto something! Did you know that stress and distractions are the key to developing your ability to focus and perform mentally? This may…

Mental Skills Training is about Performance!

In the last few last decades the sciences have added great depth to our understanding of the human mind and how it works.  Advances in psychology and sociology have demonstrated…

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