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Herolab presentations and training sessions offer a fascinating glimpse of what modern science has to say about how our brains focus, react, adapt, and perform. These insights are then linked with practical tactics and strategies that any serious performer can use to improve their ability to focus under pressure, learn from stress, and perform to their full potential. Our intent is to convince you in a relatively short time why this stuff works, and then clearly define a path for the hard work that lies between competence and mastery.

Private Coaching

Whether you are a beginner or an expert one-on-one coaching is the most direct way to improve your mental skills and ultimately, your performance. We develop a plan tailored to your specific needs and guide you through the process as you and/or your team work toward mental skills mastery.

Skype Coaching

Private coaching can be facilitated remotely using popular internet platforms (Skype, FaceTime, Webex), All private coaching sessions are 20 to 60 minutes in length.

Keynote Address

Herolab’s keynote addresses are designed to inform and inspire your most critical asset, your people, about their most critical asset when it comes to their ability to perform, their brains. We simplify modern neuroscience to explain the nearly limitless potential of the neural network in each of our heads. We outline practical methods to teach, train, and tune up the brains in your organization to help them get in “The Zone” and perform to their full potential.


Seminars are single day presentations at your facility for small to medium sized groups. The subject and contents of the presentation can be customized to target your needs or chosen from our catalog. Depending on the materials covered and the group size, seminars are 1-3 sessions that are 45 minutes in length separated by short refreshment / discussion breaks.


Workshops offer the opportunity to look at specific topics in more depth and also spend some time “hands on” with our clients. The longer format allows the time to work through the strategies and methods outlined in our mental skill development programs in greater detail. In depth training on mental skills including Herolab’s Focus Reset, Cognitive Logging, and Stress Processing strategies.

Workshops range from a single day to four days depending on the group’s size and experience level. Each day, we schedule four hours of presentation, discussion, and practicum that can be coupled with a topical and entertaining lunch break presentation.


Our series of webinars start with a basic overview of mental skill development and then delve into specific skill areas and the logic, tactics, and strategies specific to each. Each webinar is presented as a 20 minute segment that can be presented to your entire team or accessed by your individuals members on their own schedule. Our live webinars are interactive and give your team access to our presentation materials and coaches without the added cost of travel and on site infrastructure.

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