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The Power of Passion | Herolab

The Power of Passion

If mental skills are all about focus control and stress recovery, mental strength is all about passion and purpose. It’s no secret to any top performer that loving what you…

Get your Head in the Game! | Herolab

Get your Head in the Game!

Stressed out and distracted?  You may be onto something! Did you know that stress and distractions are the key to developing your ability to focus and perform mentally? This may…

Mental Skills Training is about Performance!

In the last few last decades the sciences have added great depth to our understanding of the human mind and how it works.  Advances in psychology and sociology have demonstrated…

Quick Questionnaire

Peak Performance Questionnaire: Understanding your “system” is the key to performing at your peak.  Ponder these questions: What are thoughts? What are emotions? What is focus? How (if at all)…


Craig Finer

The Map | Herolab

The Map

The Map is our working model of human psychology from a performance point of view. An understanding of your body’s systems and how they interact with the environment is fundamental…

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