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Ride the Stress Cycle

Let’s start by asking a very basic question. What is stress? Webster’s dictionary suggests that regardless of whether you are talking about physical stress or mental stress, stress is about…

Building your Cognitive Log

First, download your FREE Cognitive Log template here. Cognitive Logging is a simple method of tracking important aspects of your mental performance for the sake of improving your ability to…

Mental Strength: Let’s get Practical about Passion

By now you know that focus is key to mental performance in any challenging or creative role. In fact, we would go so far as to say that the ability…


Craig Finer

The Negative Approach | Herolab

The Negative Approach

In many situations it makes more sense to identify the things that are not working and move away from them, rather than focusing on what you think will work and…

Pattern Recognition: The Math and Science of Mental Reflexes | Herolab

Pattern Recognition: The Math and Science of Mental Reflexes

Your brain is not a computer…or is it? In the last decades, neuroscientists have discovered some pretty amazing things about how living brains process information and help their hosts succeed…

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