The VU Meter.

VU is a simple metric that quantifies the Value and Usefulness of critical information you receive from others during or after any given performance.

A virtual VU meter helps you quickly filter all incoming criticism and dramatically reduce the likelihood that you become distracted or emotional over the opinions of other people, including bosses, managers, mentors, coaches and opposing players.

In principle, your virtual VU meter is very easy to construct. It is a logical algorithm that helps you compare  criticisms, feedback and opinions with reality quickly and easily. Any feedback that scores high on the VU meter is considered strongly coupled to reality, and vice-versa.

Anyone interested in peak performance already knows that there is a right time to think about criticism and comments, and a wrong time. It is important not to get caught up processing criticism at ‘Gametime’ when the chips are on the table, puck on the ice, or concert is under way,   Any feedback that comes in during those critical times is quickly assessed for VU, and then dropped via a focus RESET. If it has VU, we will harvest that value later, when the pressure is much lower.

After your performance is complete, when the pressure subsides you have time to assess the comments that appear to have VU.  Comments, criticisms and ideas that have a high VU score must be deciphered via Stress Processing. Those who are familiar with Herolab’s ‘Stress Cycle’ know that we use a simplified algorithm designed to find the roots and causes of worries and stresses, and suss out why they occur.  We basically ask where they come from and “why” repeatedly until we arrive at the ‘A-HA!’ moment. *See the Stress Cycling link.

NOTE:  If your initial assessment determines that the VU of any given comment or criticism is low, in other words, not closely related to reality, you simply forgive the critic, and discard the comments.  It doesn’t matter, in this case, why someone made an inaccurate or erroneous observation. It only matters that it’s not informative, and therefore not valuable.

Getting into the habit of practically assessing criticism for VU and inquiring about those that appear to have value and usefulness is a simple way to improve your focus, decrease your stress level and improve your performance over time.


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