Training your Brain – It’s all about Information

The human brain is the most sophisticated, powerful and interconnected information processing system we know of in our universe. The performance of any such system, living or man made, has to do with it’s ability to accurately accumulate, integrate and utilize information in the pursuit of some result or goal. It therefore makes sense to think of your ability to perform in any challenging or creative situation in terms of your ability to adsorb, and process key bits of information from the challenge or situation at hand.This can explain why the ability to skillfully and effortlessly place your attention on the right things, in the right ways, RIGHT NOW, is an critical component of mental skill development.  In short, your focus control skills and habits are the ones that determine how well you know what’s going on at any given instant, and therefore how well your going to respond and perform.

Beyond knowing ‘whas up’, top performers must have well trained, well informed, responses to that which they perceive so that they can effortlessly and automatically produce effective responses whenever they are challenged or provoked. You can think of these habits, reflexes, insights and intuitions and as deeply ingrained mental activity patterns that encode responses to identifiable stimuli or situations.  Once trained or ingrained, they can be triggered without requiring conscious thought or processing on the part of the performer.  They just ‘happen’ whenever the corresponding or triggering pattern is recognized by the perceptive centers in the brain.

In the interest of training and improving these responses, it is important to recognize that neural networks, like our human brains, learn through experience and feedback. Experiences and repetition gradually shape responses that with time, allow us to react instantaneously and creatively when challenged or provoked by a patterns we perceive.

The ability to control focus, is itself a reflex that must be trained. If you can focus skillfully and effortlessly, you dramatically reduce your ability to track the informational cue’s that trigger the right responses and get help you get the results.  Natural neural adaptive processes are at the heart of tuning up essential habits and reflexes all the time.  Those reflexes and habits adapt whether you want them to or not, but you can guide them skillfully if you understand how they work.  If you take a systematic and unemotional appraoch to it, you can not only influence how your reflexes are patterned, but also shorten and straighten the path to developing habits that will serve you effectively when you are under pressure to perform.

You may know by know that we believe that if you are going to put some effort in to patterning your mental reflexes, it makes sense to to start off with up the big daddy of all mental habits, your ability to control your focus.  After all, Its all about information!

Mental skill training informs your reflexes and habits at the neurological level, so that you are able to recognize and react to your situation confidently and effortlessly when the chips are down.



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