Quick Questionnaire

Peak Performance Questionnaire:

Understanding your “system” is the key to performing at your peak.  Ponder these questions:

  1. What are thoughts?
  2. What are emotions?
  3. What is focus?
  4. How (if at all) do these things contribute to performance?
  5. Have you ever experienced “flow” or “being in the zone”?
  6. Do you set goals?
  7. Does your approach (physical, mental, emotional, nutrition, training, etc.) accurately target your goal?
  8. Do you categorize information in terms of cause and effect or do you take it personally?
  9. Do you identify certain behaviors and outcomes as “good” or “bad”?
  10. Do you move towards what you believe to be “ideal” behavior or away from “non-ideal” behavior?
  11. How do you treat tension?  Failure?  Frustration?
  12. Are they obstacles or opportunities and do you put attention into tension?
  13. Most importantly…are you a “responsibility taker” or a “blame delegator”?

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